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Painting Services in Toronto

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    Toronto's #1 Painting Services Company

    Transforming ordinary spaces into vibrant living experiences, New Design Contracting is Toronto’s leading name in painting services. Through color, we craft stories, set moods, and bring walls to life. With every stroke, our skilled professionals commit to quality, delivering a paint finish that resonates with your vision and enhances the beauty of Toronto’s interiors.

    In the diverse tapestry of Toronto’s architectural panorama, our painting expertise shines, seamlessly blending hues, tones, and textures into cohesive masterpieces.

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    “Our living room is now the masterpiece of our home, all thanks to New Design Contracting's impeccable painting.”


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    Top-Quality Painting Services in Toronto

    Our approach to painting goes beyond just applying color—it's an art form that demands precision, passion, and an understanding of space. From selecting the perfect shade to ensuring an even coat, our experts are dedicated to perfection at every step. Serving both residential and commercial clients, we're committed to transforming Toronto's spaces, one vibrant wall at a time.

    With New Design Contracting, witness the alchemy of paint. Experience interiors that not only look good but feel just right.

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      Affordable Painting Services in Toronto

      Exceptional painting doesn't mean breaking the bank. New Design Contracting is built on the ethos of delivering premium paint finishes at prices Toronto can love. Through efficient techniques and a deep understanding of materials, we ensure value-driven services that accentuate beauty without hefty costs.

      Because every Torontonian deserves walls that tell tales of elegance, with our transparent pricing, that luxury is now accessible to all.

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      Professional Painting Services

      Masterful Execution

      Delivering artistry with every brushstroke.


      Using low-VOC and sustainable paints.


      Prompt services ensuring minimal disruption.

      Complete Transparency

      No hidden costs, just genuine craftsmanship.

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      Loved by Toronto Home Owners

      TheoDowntown Toronto

      Our living room is now the masterpiece of our home, all thanks to New Design Contracting's impeccable painting.


      Refreshing our office space was a breeze with their painting service. Professional and precise!

      Luc & EstelleEtobicoke

      We wanted a textured finish for our bedroom. New Design Contracting delivered a stunner!

      ReynaNorth York

      From consultation to the final coat, the process was seamless. They truly are the painting maestros of Toronto!


      The vibrancy they brought to our cafe with their paintwork is indescribable. Highly recommend!

      Frequently asked questions

      How long does a typical room painting take?

      While it can vary based on room size and condition, most rooms can be painted within a day or two. We provide clear timelines post-consultation

      Do you assist in color selection?

      Yes, our color consultation service helps clients choose the perfect hue to match their vision and space.

      Are your paints environmentally friendly?

      We prioritize using low-VOC and environmentally friendly paints to ensure health and sustainability.

      Do I need to move furniture before painting?

      While it helps if larger furniture items are moved, our team can assist in minor adjustments and will ensure all items are covered or protected during the painting process.

      Transform Your Space with the Power of Color!

      Infuse vibrancy, elegance, and life into your interiors with Toronto's painting aficionados. Let New Design Contracting color your world with perfection. Begin your painting journey with us today.