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Basement Renovation Services in Toronto

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    Toronto's #1 Basement Renovation Services Company

    Unlock the hidden potential beneath your feet with New Design Contracting. Over the years, we’ve carved niches, created sanctuaries, and transformed the overlooked basements of Toronto into functional masterpieces. Whether it’s a cozy entertainment hub or a chic apartment space, we breathe life into basements.

    In Toronto’s urban expanse, every square foot counts. With New Design Contracting, you’re not just renovating a basement; you’re optimizing space, adding value, and crafting a fresh narrative for your home.

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    “Who knew our basement had such potential? New Design Contracting crafted a masterpiece. It’s now our favorite part of the home!”


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    Top-Quality Basement Renovation Services in Toronto

    Every basement holds a promise, a canvas waiting to be painted. At New Design Contracting, we specialize in bringing out the intrinsic value of your basement. Our team’s dedication, coupled with top-tier materials and innovative designs, ensures that your basement becomes an integral part of your home’s story.

    Toronto thrives on innovation and reinvention, and so do we. Let's transform that often-neglected space into a zone of comfort, utility, and style – a testament to the city's dynamic spirit.

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      Affordable Basement Renovation Services in Toronto

      Realizing your basement’s potential doesn’t have to be a costly affair. New Design Contracting brings to the table unparalleled value, offering premium basement renovation services that respect your budget. Through smart designs and cost-effective strategies, we're democratizing luxury renovations for all of Toronto.

      Invest in a space that amplifies the versatility of your home. With our transparent pricing and commitment to delivering bang-for-the-buck, your dream basement is now within grasp.

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      Professional Basement Renovation Services in Toronto

      Space Optimization

      Making every square foot count.

      Moisture-Proof Solutions

      For a basement that stands the test of time.

      Personalized Approach

      Tailoring designs to suit your unique requirements.

      Complete Project Management

      Hassle-free renovations from start to finish.

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      Loved by Toronto Home Owners

      DylanDowntown Toronto

      Who knew our basement had such potential? New Design Contracting crafted a masterpiece. It’s now our favorite part of the home!


      From a storage dump to a chic mini-apartment, our basement's transformation was incredible!

      Oliver & KateEtobicoke

      Every step was seamless, every design detail perfect. New Design Contracting is unmatched!

      GraceNorth York

      "Affordable doesn't mean compromise. My basement is proof. Kudos to the team!


      New Design Contracting captured the essence of what we wanted. Our basement feels so complete now.

      Frequently asked questions

      How long will my basement renovation take?

      The duration varies based on design and scope. After assessing your basement, we’ll offer a clear timeline.

      Is waterproofing necessary for my basement?

      We recommend waterproofing for longevity and comfort, especially given Toronto’s climate.

      Can you work around existing structures in my basement?

       Absolutely! We tailor designs to accommodate and optimize existing structures.

      What about permits for basement renovations?

      We handle all necessary permits and ensure that renovations comply with local regulations.

      Ready to Unearth Your Basement’s Potential?

      Delve into the depths of possibility with Toronto's basement renovation specialists. Contact New Design Contracting today and craft a space that complements and elevates your home.